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We Must Join Together With the Awakened Giant

I am a patriotic American, a 74-yr.-old woman who worked 50 years to avoid Government aid or take-over. I earned my living for >30 years as a writer/editor/producer in all the mediums, and I am still working as an investigative reporter and activist in trying to save our country's laws and Constitution.

All citizens have the right to demonstrate and protest--not just the liberal left who are organized by the Obama administration, even though they are the ones who claim that the Republicans are being organized and are actually "astro-turf." This first week of September 2009, they are sending out 100s of buses across the country full of ACORN and SEIU members who they have trained to intimidate, protest loudly enough to drown out dissenters, and take over Town Hall meetings.

The people who the liberal-left have claimed as being "manufactured by the far-right," are people of all political parties or even none at all, who have been protesting since early this year. They are American citizens who are activists for the first times in their lives because they don't want any more bail-outs, stimulus funds, bloated budgets and pork projects. If the average citizens are being organized, they are doing it themselves through patriotic web sites and community meetings.

Now Obama and his gang of Czars and ultra-left Congress are trying to ram through the Cap and Tax bill, the union Card Check, and the nationalized Health Care Reform, no matter how much more they raise our debt. They are also trying to take control of communications such as radio and the Internet to silence the voices of their dissenters. At the same time, they are doing their best to make our Constitution irrelevant.

We need to return the unspent stimulus funds, and lower our debt. We need to lower taxes on small businesses so they can start hiring workers again and thus rebuild our capitalist marketplace. We need to stop all the give-away programs to those too lazy to work, and we need to change welfare to workfare, so that people will be motivated enough to attend government classes to learn skills that will help them earn more and feel like a worthwhile, productive citizen.

This is why people attending these Town Hall meetings are sometimes loud and raucous, because their representatives are lying to their faces when in person, and are not returning their calls, faxes and emails. They think they live in a bubble and only have to answer to their constituents and the special interests that helped them get elected. However, they have now awakened the sleeping giant, and representatives of that giant will be in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 11-12. We have the voting records of all government representatives, and those who are not representing the people--who they are supposed to work for--will be voted out in the next election. Also, we need to make lobbyists illegal or unconstitutional, so they can no longer control our politicians.

In addition, if many more abuses of our Constitution take place within the next couple of months, the people won't wait for the elections. They will rise up and demand recalls of anyone who they feel are abusing their power, bankrupting our country, and trying to turn it into a Socialist regime. They will also demand that the corrupt politicians who caused our financial downfall, like Paulson, Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, be indicted and sent to jail. They will also demand refunds from the top politicians who were paid off by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, like Obama, Clinton, and the politicians above. They will demand an audit of the FEDERAL Reserve, an independent agency.

We need to get rid of all Czars, who are unanswerable to the American people or to Congress. We need to reverse all of their rulings that were illegal or unethical. We need to abandon the Cap and Tax and the Card Check bills.

We need to start over with Health Care Reform using a majority (25 members of each party in each Congressional house) bi-partisan committee that will vote to deregulate all the government bills that are currently stopping insurance companies from being portable throughout all states and between jobs. We need to make sure than any Health Care reform will subsidize and protect those with pre-existing conditions or who are Americans that can't get insurance, but which will exclude all abortions and all illegal immigrants and their families. We need to deport those immigrants, finish and protect our borders, and punish any companies and corporations who hired them.

We need to stop all frivolous Tort lawsuits that just enrich lawyers and then reduce any lawyer fees to 10% of any settlements--which will also be capped to loss of income and quality of life costs. We need to stop relying on foreign oil and sending hundreds of billions of dollars to those countries. Instead we need to bring our own oil industry up to speed, build nuclear reactors, and use natural gas and clean coal when necessary. We need to stop spending money on windmills and solar panels until they are self-supporting and not dependent on government funding. We can forget the scams put forward by Gore and his cronies about Green energy until the majority of scientists agree that the problem is man-made and we can do something about it.

We need to investigate every part of every government agency and rid ourselves of the corruptions, fraud, greed, and incompetence. Then we can go back to rewarding productivity, patriotism, and good work ethics. That includes schools, law enforcement, and every other government employees. We need to stop the schools from brainwashing our children into believing the Socialist agenda and denying God by getting rid of the teachers and professors that are guilty of doing it. If we are going to save this country, we need to bring back the God-given morals and values, and bring those to the forefront again.

We need to read through the Constitution word by word and ensure that our representatives are obeying it in all areas, including insisting that Obama release all his records that he has currently spent $1M to seal. We need to remove anyone that Obama has appointed to his Cabinet that has a criminal record, or even anyone who has had ethical violations, such as his current Attorney General who got one of our worst tax cheats pardoned by Bill Clinton at the last minute. He is also going after anyone in the Bush administration and focusing on past activities of the CIA that kept our country safe.

Obama and his entire cadre are doing everything they can to weaken our country and try to take it over in their efforts to make it a One-World government. The people who are funding him and pulling his puppet strings, like George Soros and the rest of his Communist friends, do not realize how powerful Americans can be when they understand what this government is up to. They will take back the country, jail all the corrupt politicians that put us in the crisis that we are currently in, and get rid of any politician who is not willing to join us in our battle to protect America and its Constitution.

Edie Boudreau

Eureka, NV 89316