• Issue Within the Issue Issue Within the Issue

    Hidden riders in larger bills.

  • Pork Barrel Issue Pork Barrel Issues

    Where government programs benefit only one area, but are paid for by all taxpayers.

  • Hot Button Issue Hot Button Issues

    Issues that are very popular or very unpopular.


    Urgent Issues

  • We Must Join Together With the Awakened Giant Hot Button Issue Pork Barrel Issue

    We need to return the unspent stimulus funds, and lower our debt. We need to lower taxes on small businesses so they can start hiring workers again and thus rebuild our capitalist marketplace. We need to stop all the give-away programs to those too lazy to work, and we need to change welfare to workfare, so that people will be motivated enough to attend government classes to learn skills that will help them earn more and feel like a worthwhile, productive citizen. Read More

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